Family Portraits

March 30, 2024 Photography, Portraits

A family portrait session is something to be cherished. The whole shoot is a fun fantastic experience that will leave you with a perfect memory that I will capture and freeze in time for you and yours. The years go by so fast now.

Lets set a scene. You have a yearly tradition of a family session. You start with a collage on your favorite wall in your home of famed or canvas prints. As the years go on that collage grows gracefully just like your family. You have that memory of the year you got the best dog ever. The year that you added a new bundle of joy. A year you made a transformation for your life and the happiness shines brighter then any smile you have had. Your oldest marries and adds a new spouse to that years growth. Your wall is getting fuller. Your starting to add another furry companion or maybe your youngest's pet lizard. Your husband is starting to show some grey and your liking that silver fox look on him. Its coming time to start filling up those spaces with grandbabies.

You accidentally started a holiday tradition of pointing at the old photos and telling a story of the time line while giggling at the year your one child was going thru the grunge phase and refused to smile, and the one where the haircut you absolutely loved was indeed a bad decision now looking back on it years after. Your grandbabies will gawk at how you were just as beautiful then as you are now and how grandpa looked funny with out a beard. You will see how happy your fur baby was to be loved by you and see how gracefully they aged. You will miss them with a smile as you think of how they made you laugh that day. You will sit by the lights of the Christmas tree late at night with a cup of tea or wine looking at what a magical life you are living.

I bet you never regret that investment in this family you grew...