The Grey

August 3, 2023 Photography

Life seems to be black or white for me. When things are bad they are dramatically bad and when things are good they are wonderfully good. Photography is the Grey... When the black of life hits, going thru my photographs from days past soothes my soul. A simple selfie on a day I felt beautiful or a old photo of my kitchen after a organizing frenzy. Sweet candid moments I shared with friends or family make me smile every time I see theirs. My many pictures of my baby dogs is like a heart hug! and all the one ones of my child at any age without a doubt makes me feel at peace. Having photos of loss and love from your years gone are priceless. When the white of life brings laughter and joy to capture those moments is the true context of your time here. Moments that would other wise be gone, but not for you. You have this time stamp to relive and rejoice on. Every single time you need it most. Life unfortunately is full of loss. If your mother is anything like mine I dread the day she may have to pass. She is my best friend. To have portraits of that person who has been the paragon of our lives, remind us of what we are capable of overcoming, giving us a type of strength we never asked for. Photography for me... makes me whole again; again and again.